Coffee Chino Coffee Shop

To create an effective online website for a business, I executed a comprehensive plan to design, develop, test, and maintain Coffee Chino's website. This project demonstrates my commitment to a seamless user experience, responsive design, and attention to detail. By creating the Coffee Chino website, I demonstrated my ability to plan, design, develop, and have a user-centric mindset. This project demonstrates my ability to combine design with technical excellence, ensuring an enjoyable online experience for visitors.

Coffee Chino Projest Desktop Portrait

Key Achievements

  • I've put together a meticulous project plan, outlining a roadmap for creating an attractive Coffee Shop website. Every aspect of design, user experience and functionality has been carefully considered and implemented.
  • I have used the latest version of HTML, to ensure the code is modern and semantic.
  • My dedication to user accessibility has been demonstrated through fully responsive design. The site adapts to different devices and screens, ensuring a consistent and engaging experience for all visitors.
  • JavaScript integration has brought dynamic functionality to life. Smooth mobile menu navigation, image gallery with lightbox gallery and testimonials slider has better user interactivity.
  • Coffee Chino website visitors can access all necessary contact information.
  • Implemented fully functional contact form.
  • Integrated Google Map provides visitors to locate the Coffee Shop
  • Through constant validation using the W3C online validator, I have ensured that the HTML and CSS code met industry standards, promoting optimal performance and compatibility.

Tools Used

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
Coffee Chino Project Showcase
Coffee Chino Projest Desktop
Coffee Chino Projest Mobile